Rapper Big Sean will make Pistons 'look good and have fun' as team's new creative director of innovation


After the Detroit Lions brought a TV personality into their front office with the recent addition of Chris Spielman, their NBA counterpart looked to the music industry for their newest hire. Around 25 years after the "Bad Boys" era of Pistons basketball came to an end, Detroit is ready to begin the Big Sean era.

The multi-platinum rapper and songwriter is joining his longtime favorite and hometown NBA team in quite the cool role: the creative director of innovation.

What exactly will he do in that role? He dove into everything he'll be working on with Justin Tinsley of The Undefeated:

To bring that feeling and that aesthetic that I grew up with in admiring the Pistons to the franchise. Not to say it’s gone anywhere, but to really think creatively on how to execute a vision. I’ll creatively come up with ideas for us to look good and have fun and, you know, to culturally put our best foot forward. On top of that, I’m sure it’ll be new assignments and new challenges as I go. There will be more things that I’ll be excited to do that are more than just designing T-shirts and jerseys — like giving back to the community. I know one of the things that I’m strong about is giving back to the city.

He went on to talk about how important giving back to the community — "and looking good about doing it," he said with a laugh — is for the Pistons and for himself, seeing as he's from Detroit. It seems to fall in line with the City edition jerseys that are taking the NBA by storm in 2020-21, making sure to honor the history of the organization and the environment through which success has been grown.

Big Sean got a congratulatory message and gift from one of the franchise's greatest names shortly after the announcement.

We know creativity is well within Big Sean's domain. After all, any artist with his long list of accolades had to have some pretty good ideas, be it beats, lyrics, themes, dances or the works. And any artist who can write an entire song about, um, the gluteus maximus — don't worry Sir Mix-a-Lot, I didn't forget you — definitely has the creative gene.

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